Logiciel avancé d'usinage haute vitesse et 5 axes pour la fabrication

CAD software for complex parts, electrode design, and modeling for manufacture

Create complex 3D geometry for multi-axis, high-speed CNC machining

PowerShape® manufacturing CAD software combines surface, solid, and mesh modeling to help engineers prepare molds, dies, and other complex parts for additive, subtractive, or hybrid manufacture.

System requirements 

Boost CAM programming with flexible modeling tools

Create complex 3D geometry to better control CAM software such as PowerMill and FeatureCAM.

  • Work with any combination of surface, solid, or mesh data

  • Import, analyze, and repair third-party designs

  • Fix faults that can complicate downstream processes

  • Access learning resources (US Site) 

Work faster with focused modeling for manufacture tools

Access wizards in PowerShape to automate common modeling tasks. Quickly convert product designs into molds, tools, and dies ready for CNC machining.