Logiciel avancé d'usinage haute vitesse et 5 axes pour la fabrication

3D measurement software for a wide range of hardware

Make inspecting large, complex, and layered parts simpler

Fusion 360 with PowerInspect® 3D measurement software offers a powerful way to inspect, validate, and manage quality for all measurement equipment. Now includes access to Fusion 360, Fusion 360 Team, and Fusion 360 – Machining Extension.

Incorporate inspection and verification in CNC machining

PowerInspect includes comprehensive inspection tools that measure parts while they’re still in On Machine Verification (OMV). Machine tool probing helps you make informed scrap or rework decisions quickly.

Meet production goals and avoid expensive rework

  • Minimize long setup times that compromise machine productivity and overall plant capacity.

  • Save money by highlighting problems early in the manufacturing process.

  • Reduce failing with human errors and gain better real-time visibility.